Gary Locke Governor Fix-It
Washington Governor Gary Locke has earned his place as the leading Asian American politician of national stature.

Hotornot Photo Finish
Two onetime Berkeley engineering honors students find high ratings and profits as founders of, the internet's leading photo-rating site.

Asian American Imagemakers
New Asian Imagemakers
These 12 iconoclasts add a welcome new dimension to today's image of Asians in American society.


Ming Tsai Voice of Fusion
TV Chef Ming Tsai whets appetites by serving up a nouvelle blend of east-west platters and all-American patter.
Calling AA Cellphones
Four new MBAs launch mtogo to dial in the promise of cellular commerce by tapping the Asian ringtone craze.
Laser Super-Cooler
Nobel Laureate Steven Chu used six lasers to harness the quantum properties of atoms for hot new technologies.
Digital Pioneers Digital Pioneers
10 Asian Americans who pushed personal computing to the leading edge of civilization.
Rhodes to Rio Chino
With his Robot Stories filmmaker Greg Pak brings a fresh approach to examining the relationships among human beings.
Comedy's Southern Squire
Henry Cho goes outside conventional Asian American comedy to create a unique brand of all-American humor.
Wi-Fi's Earlybirds
Victor and Janie Tsao took a gamble on next-generation Wi-Fi to earn a $500-million payday.
Jerry Yang Internet's Jolly Grin Giant
Yahoo's Jerry Yang has become Moby Dick to Bill Gates's Captain Ahab.
Artist of the Floating World
Chang-rae Lee distills pale wine from the scarcely suspected agonies of the mutual-fund set.
Pop's Unscented Voice
Michelle Branch is a breath of fresh air in an hypersexualized girl-pop scene.
Microsoft Pioneer
Scott Oki was the marketing pioneer who took a struggling Microsoft global.
Titan of Temps
John Chuang tapped Mac enthusiasts to leverage a tiny campus printshop into a global consulting giant.
The Savior
Joana Lau applies youthful energy and MBA smarts to save an old-line defense contractor.
Vision Quest
A young Taiwanese immigrant overcame a disastrous setback to build today's leading independent monitor brand.


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