Mia Crowe:
The Woman Behind Those Unforgettable Hands



Mia Crowe's modeling jobs have included her lower appendages, as well as other parts of her body.
Mia Assembled

Goldsea: Is there some secret to having seductive hands, besides superb genes?
Mia Crowe: I have no ancient Chinese secret for you! There are so many things any woman can do to have great hands. Keeping up with manicures, eating right and taking vitamins, using lotion regularly on your skin to keep moisturized, and using sunscreen is important. It's good to treat your hands with as much care as you treat the skin on your face. Put it this way, chipped nail polish, hang nails, flaky skin, and broken nails are not sexy! A lot of people notice hands and feet.

GS: What kinds of things do you try to avoid doing with your hands?
MC: I don't chop wood. (laughing) I live my life just like any other person. Shows like Seinfeld that depict hand models are hysterical, but I'm not trying to live my life like a freak who wears gloves just so that people ask me if I'm a hand model! I don't wear gloves except maybe when I dig in the garden or wash dishes. I don't often go bowling because my nails have broken off the few times I've done it.


GS: What's he sexiest modeling job you've ever had?
MC: As a hand model, the SKYY VODKA print ad I did was pretty sexy because I got to work with this male model who was absolutely stunning looking. He couldn't wear a shirt for the shot and we had to stand so close together that I was leaning on his 6-pack stomach which was so hot! You can see this shot on my website where two hands are sticking out a white tent.
      As a foot model, I would probably have to say that would have to be either the BODDINGTON ALE commercial I did for England where I take my foot and massage the side of a beer bottle with my toes… wiping at the condensation and flirting with the bottle with my little feetsies!!!!

GS: What's the most disturbing thing you've been asked to do with your hands or feet?
MC: The weirdest hand modeling job I had to do was probably one of my coolest jobs with a celebrity. I did a commercial with Jamie Lee Curtis where she had to pretend like she was talking to herself. I put the same outfit on as her and reached into the frame and tapped her on the shoulder and then she has to look right at me (about 6 inches from my face) and say her lines. It was very surreal but so cool to work with her and she was very nice. A very interesting lady, an amazing performer, and a true professional. I've done disturbing jobs involving water where they have to poor water down all over me and they don't bother heating it.
      I get quite a few foot fetish offers from people, none of which I've ever done. I've been offered foot fetish jobs to just try socks and panty hose on while they shot it on video from the knee down. To be honest, I don't see the sexual allure of the feet???? What do you think? Maybe some day I will have to do a foot fetish job where I pose my feet this way and that just to say that I've done one! They don't show my face so why not? (I'm kidding)

GS: How does a hand model's career longevity compare with that of other models?
MC: I think that hand models and parts models have more longevity than the average model. Fashion modeling is traditionally a young woman's career- teens and early 20's…parts models can work for as long as their hands hold up. Hands do show age and I do my best to use sunscreen on them to block out the damaging rays of the sun. I'm still young and in full effect so I'm not going into retirement yet!

GS: Has anyone ever recognized you from seeing your hands or feet on a commercial or movie?
MC: I'm well known in the print and commercial world so I am recognized by other people in the business. Since I'm also an actress, some people ask me out my career as a hand model. A lot of times when I'm in a crowd of people, someone will notice my hands or feet and tell me that they think they are beautiful, but they don't know that I make a living as a hand model. PAGE 3

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“I get quite a few foot fetish offers from people, none of which I've ever done.”


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