TV's Hottest Asians


SuChin Pak
MTV's Sassy Host

Rob Fukuzaki
ABC's Sports Guru

Grace Park
Battlestar Galactica Hottie

Daniel Dae Kim
Lost's Sexy Asian Guy

Suzanne Whang
Award-Winning Comedian and HGTV Host


TV's Hottest Asians

Rob Fukuzaki

e's always energetic, always grinning and always sporting smart suits that play up his handsome face. And boy does Rob Fukuzaki know sports! He's the fast-talking sports news anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News weekdays at 5pm, 6pm and 11pm. During football season, he's also the host of ABC's Sports Zone.

     Fukuzaki was born on July 4th in Torrance, California to sansei (third generation) parents. When he was three they moved the family to Hawaii where he spent the rest of his youth. Even as a child, Fukuzaki was an avid sports fan. He wasn't just a spectator. He participated in basketball, bowling and little league baseball. He even began his media training at an early age by writing articles for the sports section of his high school newspaper. He attended Mid-Pacific Institute, a private high school in Honolulu. When he graduated in 1984, he headed to Southern California's University of La Verne and earned a B.A. in broadcast journalism with an emphasis in radio and television. In his sophomore, junior and senior years, he earned the university's Broadcaster of the Year award. Needless to say, many envious students were happy to see him graduate.

     Right after graduation Fukuzaki returned to Hawaii to work as a radio personality for the Top-40 radio station KXPW. He also began a part-time sports reporting job at KITV Channel 4, ABC's Honolulu affiliate. In 1989, after less than a year, he was given a full-time position. A year later he was the station's weekday sports reporter and weekend anchor.

     When he joined ABC7 Eyewitness News in 1994, he was the first Japanese-American male television anchor in Los Angeles. He is now the host of ABC7's Sports Zone on Monday nights during football season.

     Fukuzaki's talent for singing and songwriting led to some interesting moments. The most memorable to his fans is his tribute songs to Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda and former Dodger star Raul Mondesi.

     Fukuzaki is also a philanthropist, together with friends and family, in 1998 he created “Heads Up Youth Foundation.” This group assists disadvantaged children throughout Southern California by creating sports groups so that the children learn to channel their energy in positive ways and stay out of trouble.

     Fukuzaki is currently single though not by choice, he professes.

     “I want to get married,” he says. “My grandmas are ready and waiting.”

Grace Park

hose who watch the Sci-Fi Channel Friday nights know that Grace Park satisfies both girls looking for another beauty-next-door type to idolize and guys looking for a hottie to drool over. Park was featured in Maxim's March issue and was one of the cleavage-baring dancers in the memorable first scene of Romeo Must Die, but Park's claim to fame is for playing the spunky, down to earth cylon pilot Boomer on Battlestar Galactica.

     In 2003 in a move that outraged and struck fear into the hearts of trekkies everywhere, Sci Fi Channel took a gamble and mini-serialized Glen Larson's classic 1970s show chronicling the war to end all wars between human and machine. It was shot as a backdoor pilot. If the miniseries was successful it would earn itself a timeslot on Sci Fi channel's permanent lineup. It was the most popular miniseries of 2003. Today Battleship Galactica is their most popular show. Grace Park plays the pivotal role of the pilot Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii, a human model cylon robot.

     Grace Park was born on April 8, 1980 in Los Angeles. Her family moved to Canada when she was 22 months old. She dabbled in modeling and attended college in Vancouver. She graduated with a degree in psychology. Park's parents were open-minded but conservative. They assumed acting was just a phase. After college, her father asked Grace how long before she decided to give it up.

     “I told my dad ‘You know what, I'm going make a movie one day and make like 25 million dollars.’ And he laughed at me. So after that I knew I really had to do it.”

     She soon landed a part on Edgemont, a popular Canadian teen series. Since then she has appeared on The Outer Limits, Dark Angel and Stargate SG-1 to name a few. In addition to English, she speaks Corean (Korean), along with a little French and Cantonese. She is also learning Spanish. She remains Vancouver based and recently married a Corean Canadian real-estate developer she had dated for three years. PAGE 3

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“I told my dad ‘You know what, I'm going make a movie one day and make like 25 million dollars.’ And he laughed at me. So after that I knew I really had to do it.”


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