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     Hu also has a soft spot for the local Los Angeles color, and she and her friends are familiar with the Hollywood club scene. "We go to Roxbury a lot. We almost lived there for a while. Sometimes we'd go out as often as three or four times a week, religiously. We were bad."
     Some of those revels were disasters. "I like to drink socially, but I'm not very good at it. I get drunk very easily. The group that I hang out with, we're really into Sex on the Beach shots and these things called Mike Tyson shots. Scary. I don't even know what's in them."
     Then she stumbled into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. "I guess I had the wrong room, but I sat in anyway because it was so interesting and I thought I had something to learn. It was almost like I was sent there." She stayed for the whole meeting. "I learned to be sympathetic to people who are affected by alcoholism. I learned so much about myself and was reminded to be that much more thankful for the things I have. There are people out there who are alcoholics, drug addicts, who have the AIDS virus, and are still working toward bettering themselves and helping other people.
     "I said to myself: Here I am being depressed over something stupid like a bad hair day or a bad skin day.' I have no business thinking that way." The run-in with AA changed her clubbing habits, and pressuring someone to have a drink will never again figure in her socializing agenda.


     The room Hu had been looking for that day was that of a group called Project Angel Food, a charity with which Hu has been associated for some time. They make and deliver dinners for AIDS patients, and Hu has worked in the kitchen on occasion.
     Hu has adapted quite well to California, but remains at heart an island girl. "I think Hawaii is one of the few places in the world that has almost no prejudice. I have never come across prejudice once. People are intermarried and you don't define your friends by where they're from. People have six, seven, eight races mixed up in them, nobody cares. I think that's one of our best attributes, the fact that people there are so open and so liberal." Who could be a better spokesperson as the next Miss Hawaii?

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"I said to myself, 'Here I am being depressed over something stupid like a bad hair day or a bad skin day.' I have no business thinking that way."