The blood, sweat and tears behind the most inspiring Asian American success sagas.

Midas of Memory
Sent abroad to escape a bad school record, a young immigrant named John Tu used his success with a Scottsdale gift shop as the springboard for building two-billion-dollar PC-component distributor Kingston Technology.

Merger Maniac
A street-smart opportunist named Charles Wang grows a cast-off two-man programming business into the world's 3rd largest software company.

The Birdman of Monitors
Stranded in the U.S. after being cast off by a Taiwanese manufacturer, a keyboard salesman named James Chu struck a daring pact with a rival company and started ViewSonic, the world's leading independent monitor brand.
Richest in Rags
Bill Mow shook off an impoverished boyhood and an early hi-tech disaster to build a billion-dollar sportswear business.
Emperors of the Sun
A Taiwanese immigrant couple named Tei Fu and Oi Lin Chen went from living out of their car to building the billion-dollar Sunrider global herbal foods empire.


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