Psy Strings Along Restive Fans with Four Gangnam Remixes

Running three months behind the original release date for his English-Korean follow-up to “Gangnam Style”, Psy is trying to keep fans doing the horse-riding dance until April by releasing four new remixes of his epochal hit.

The new versions of “Gangnam Style”, published Tuesday, include a Diplo remix featuring extensive explicit rapping by 2 Chainz and Tyga, an Afrojack remix that adds over two minutes of electronic distortions of Psy’s own vocals, an instrumental dance version by Diplo, and the instrumental version of the original for those who want to provide their own vocals without having to drown out Psy’s.

Gangnam Style remixes and covers are nothing new. iTunes alone offers dozens of covers by the Glee Cast, the Thrift Shop Playaz, DJ Milton & Refu-G, along with countless dance and aerobics covers and remixes. Many feature remarkably good pronunciations of the original lyrics by non-Korean artists.

At his Lunar New Year performance in Kuala Lumpur Psy let on that his next single will be released in April. But he isn’t done flying around the world performing his sole international hit. In addition to his performance last week at the inauguration of his homeland’s first woman president Park Geun-hye, Psy has plans for more concerts in Australia, Turkey and other nations, making fans wonder when he’ll find time to complete his next music video or the entire album he’s also promised to release soon.

Meanwhile “Gangnam Style” continues to rack up immense numbers of YouTube views, with the original logging 1.39 billion as of Wednesday, nearly twice as many as those accumulated by Psy’s nearest rivals Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez.