Breast Implant Cancer Risk
Breast Implant Cancer Risk

10 Top Asian American Health Risks

China Creates Pigs with Human-Transplantable Organs

Drug for Enlarged Prostate May Also Slow Cancer

Global Obesity Rate Doubles Since 1980

Third of Americans Have Cholesterol Problem

Cancer Blood Test
Cancer Blood Test

New Cancer Risk Uncovered from Breast Implants

New Drugs Promise Surer, Quicker Cure for Hepatitis C

FDA Lowers Acetominephin Limit in Painkillers

Nearly Quarter of Pacemaker Implants Questionable

New Blood Test Can Detect Single Cancer Cell

Acupuncturist to the Stars
Acupuncturist to the Stars

Implants Tested as Cures for Chronic Sleep Apnea

Size of Brain Amygdala Linked to Social Activity

Daily Aspirin May Cut Risk of Some Cancers

Army Adds Yogurt, Removes Soda from Training Meals

Introducing Gut Bacteria via Probiotics May Benefit Kids

Cadmium Danger for Kids
Cadmium Danger for Kids

Pill Boosts Hope for Winning War Against AIDS

Diabetes Drug Linked to 500 Deaths in France

Women with Stressful Jobs Have Higher Heart Risks

Inspra Helps, Natrecor Useless for Heart Patients

Treatment for Severe Acne Linked to Higher Suicide Risk

Fighting Fat with Technology
Fighting Fat with Technology

Granny's Memories Beat Genetic Testing As Health Tool

Omega-3 Pills Fail to Help Alzheimer's Patients

Cell-Killing Protein Offers Hope for Defeating Cancer, Diabetes

Korean Kids Get Fatter on Ramen, Fast Food

China Study Links BPA Exposure to Low Sperm Count

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research
Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Alcoholic Energy Drinks Pose Youth Health Risks

Bitter Flavors Found to Relax Breathing Passages

Salt Blamed for China's 200 Mil. Hypertension Cases

Third of All Americans May Be Diabetic by 2050

Low-Dose Aspirin May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Taking Chinese Medicine Mainstream
Taking Chinese Medicine Mainstream

Embryonic Stem-Cell Therapy Tested on Paraplegic

1st Big U.S. Sex Survey in 16 Years Full of Surprises

Psychiatrists Debate Adding Parental Alienation

Kids with ADHD More Likely to Be Missing DNA

New Heart-Valve Surgery Done Without Opening Chest

Fighting Chemotherapy
Fighting Chemotherapy

High-Altitude Living Boosts Suicide Risk

China Hospitals to Grow Skin for 2 Plane-Crash Survivors

Ovary Removal Helps High-Risk Women Says Study

More Omega-3 Fats Didn't Help Heart Patients

New Procedure Regrows Cornea of Vision-Impaired

IV Cuts Swine Flu Symptoms
IV Cuts Swine Flu Symptoms

19 Oregon Football Players Suffer Baffling Muscle Damage

Pre-Run Stretching Only Helpful for Those Used to It

Astronauts' Muscles Atrophy After 6 Months in Space

Egg Illnesses to Grow Though Cooking Kills Salmonella

228 Mil. Eggs Recalled After Salmonella Cases in Calif., Minn.

More Likely to Die
More Likely to Die

One in Five Teens Has Slight Hearing Loss

Head Injuries Linked by Toxic Proteins to Lou Gehrig's

Cancer Deemed World's Costliest Disease

Gene from India Turns Bacteria into Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Dog Food Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Kids

Asian American Health Risks

What May Ail You
What May Ail You

10 Top Asian American Health Risks

Men Exposed to High BPA Levels Report Sexual Problems

Even Small Fat Gains Threaten Healthy Old Age for Women

HIV and AIDS: Battling Stigma

Hepatitis B: Liver Detroyer

Tuberculosis: Alarming Resurgence

Osteoporosis: Reshaping Lives

Stomach Cancer: Lifestyle Exposure

Depression and Sucide: Cultural Vulnerability

Lung Cancer: Smoking Gun

Diabetes Type 2: Discriminatory Disease

Liver Cancer: Tied to Hepatitis B

Cervical Cancer: More Pap Screening Needed

FDA Warns Against Liver Damage from Hydroxycut

Fitness Features

Muscle, Fat and Metabolic Sabotage
Change your body by harnessing the power of your metabolism instead of fighting it.

Lose Fat the Asian Way
Permanent fat loss is best achieved through smart lifestyle adjustments.

Politics of the AM Physique
For Asian American men building great bodies is a way to break out of stereotyped social roles.

Power Workouts
Jumpstart your day with these revitalizing workouts.

Pre-Run Stretching Only Helpful for Those Used to It

Walking Seems to Reduce Stroke Risk for Women

Apolo Ohno's Olympics Training Regimen

Interval Training Boosts Strength with Far Less Exercise Time

U.S. Women Focus More on Weight Than Health

Emotional Health

Your Kid's First Identity Crisis

Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

6 Keys to Building Your Kid's Self-Image

Boredom Linked Indirectly to Early Death

Psychiatrists Make Changes to Diagnostics Bible

Use of "We" Found to Strengthen Marriage

Chronic Depression Can Plague Kids As Young As 3

Researchers Zero In on First Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Autistic Kids May Recover through Therapy