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Great dining is abundant in Milwaukee, but if only the crème-de-la-crème is good enough, strut over to Bacchus. Situated by the lakeside in the posh part of town, it prizes itself for having introduced the highest service standards to the Milwaukee dining scene. I can’t argue. A gulp from my water glass prompted a gallant swoop and pour from my waiter. The white napkin on my lap was swiftly replaced by a black one (lest white cotton should shed onto my jeans). I felt a bit underdressed and undeserving of my black napkin.

Our appetites were whetted with bite-sized samples of crabcake and bruschetta — both of which were scrumptuous. The meal began in earnest with a light and creamy asparagus soup, followed with Scottish salmon, and ended with chocolate cappuccino mousse. The presentation was satisfying and the dishes were tasty, but their flavor nuances didn’t quite match their grandiose titles. All in all, the food was top notch and the portions generous.

Excellent service and cuisine, Bacchus sits at the top of the list in Milwaukee dining.


At $8 admission before 4pm and $15 after, you can partake of the world’s largest music festival. Summerfest pulls together over 700 performers on 10 stages, 12 hours a day, over 11 straight days. It is part carnival, part massive party and part concert. From rock to acoustic to Latin, every day offers an eclectic mix of performers (from A-list to C-list) in nearly every genre. Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and No Doubt were just a few guests in this year’s lineup. People from all over the country fly out to Milwaukee just to experience this unique music extravaganza.

As I walked the grounds I was transported back to my high school summers when friends and I would celebrate our last days of summer freedom at our local carnival. But instead of Kamikazes and giant ferris wheels were Puddle of Mudd and Bon Jovi.

Summerfest remains one of the most anticipated music events all year round. People fly in from all over the country to catch this one-of-a-kind music extravaganza featuring A-list performers such as No Doubt and Bon Jovi, to up and coming C-listers.

I escaped boisterous teen posses and hordes of drunken shirtless men by ducking into a large tent housing a modest stage and a Buddy Holly soundalike. He swung his hips and seduced his bass with twirls and dips. I smiled at an old couple swaying together to his rendition of “Blue Moon”.

We headed over to the Discovery World Exploratorium to watch the nightly Summerfest fireworks. From the balcony we could see the festival across the bay and hear the mix and tangle of sounds from the stage variety. The fireworks boomed overhead a lightshow spectacular. Prev

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