Yale Class of 1854

Yale Class of 1854

China's First Yale Man

Tiananmen Leader Becomes Tech Boss

Badboy Stephen Chao Reborn as Wonder Man

Biotech Kahuna Patrick Soon-Shiong

Standup Comic Eliot Chang

Sexual Adventurer Rick Lee

Tiananmen to Hi-Tech

Tiananmen to Hi-Tech

Pop Monster Park Jin-Young

Sauce Boss David Tran

Donnie Yen: The Next Martial Arts Icon

Sachika Doubles Fashion Versatility

Harvard's Hottest Hoop Hands

Famous Asian Tigers

Badboy Becomes Wonder Man

Badboy Becomes Wonder Man

Morgan Chu: Tech Trial Titan

Michelle Yeoh: High-Kicking Beauty

Hideki Matsui: Warrior in the Clutch

Paul Kariya: Ice Knight

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: Action Master

Jet Li: The Chosen

Tomi Kita: Saga of an Asian Badboy

Kelly Hu: Crown Quest

Eiko Nijo: Fantasy Face

Wendy Tokuda: Earth Woman

Biotech Kahuna

Biotech Kahuna

Justin Lin's Sense and Sensibility

Janice Lee Exhumes Old Hong Kong

John Cho Gets to White Castle

Teddy Zee and the Sundance Kids

Jet Li, China's Chosen One

Jason Scott Lee, Primal Man

Standup Stud

Standup Stud

Annie Wang, Badgirl of Beijing Letters

Lucy Liu: Ugly Duckling to Maneater

Morgan Chu, Tech Trials Titan

Keanu Reeves's Virtual Life

Roy Lee Remakes Hollywood

Russell Wong Steals Scenes

Pop Monster

Pop Monster

Chi Huang's Mission of Mercy

Jerry Yang's Search Quest

Teddy Zee's Studio Years

Hung Lo, Porn Stud

Chang-Rae Lee Floats Off into Suburbia

Grace Park Shifts into Drive

Joan Chen Is Heavenly & Earthy

Vic Chao Engineers a Hollywood Career

Janet Yang's Hollywood Adventure

Kahi Lee, L.A. Renaissance Chick

Sriracha Sauce Boss

Sriracha Sauce Boss

Scott Oki, Microsoft Pioneer

Sharon Tay Spices Up TV News

Kevin Kim Aces Challengers

Ming-na Wen, the Early Years

Art Tom, America's Toughest Cop

Greg Pak, Rhodes to Rio Chino

Next Martial Arts Icon

Next Martial Arts Icon

Johnny Chan's Poker Face

Kathy Lee Stays in Motion

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's Early Years

Phil Rhee's Action Empire

Lindsay Price, Soap Star

Chen Kaige's Happy Ending

Ivy Hoops Sensation

Ivy Hoops Sensation

James Shigeta, Leading Man Emeritus

James Kuo, Biotech Golden Boy

Carl Nomura's Postwar Memories

Robin Shou's Mortal Kombat

Jerry Yang's Yahoo! Moment

Thuy Trang, Yellow Ranger

Stephen Chao, Murdoch's Badboy

Asian Women's Air Force

Wendy Tokuda Anchors California

Kat Kim's Diva Shot