Youtube Celebrities Spread Hepatitis B Awareness

The B Here campaign has enlisted the drawing power of big-name YouTube stars to raise Hepatitis B awareness among Asian American college students.

Fittingly the campaign kicked off its tour October 5 at UC Irvine, a campus that boasts a 58% Asian American percentage among its undergrad population. Over 700 students lined up outside Barclay Theatre to watch Dance group Kaba Modern, comedian HappySlip and musical acts AJ Rafael, Michelle Martinez, Paul Dateh and Jessica Sanchez.

Kaba Modern member (left), Youtube comedian HappySlip (middle) and KevJumba (right) spoke with Goldsea before the performance.

The show was emceed by KevJumba, a top YouTube personality whose webcam posts routinely pull 2.7 million views. An audience favorite was Kaba Modern, a hiphop dance troupe originally formed in 2005 by UC Irvine pinoy students who won national acclaim on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew competition. Kaba Modern’s legendary “Knock Em’ Dead” routine was clearly a highlight of the B Here show. The night ended with a casual meet and greet with performers and the emcee at the local In-N-Out.

Kaba Modern spoke with Goldsea about life since their debut on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” and their individual future endeavors.

The B Here tour continues with a stop at the University of Houston on October 13 and closes at UC Davis on October 27.