Women who have redefined Asian achievement

Channel Vision
By the age of 37 Christine Liang had used her connections to the computer industry to build the Bay Area's biggest female-owned business.

The Savior
Armed with a newly-minted MBA, Joanna Lau made millions saving a dying weapons maker for the 21st century.

Power Pioneer
Wendy Lee Gramm distinguished herself as one of the most influential women on the front lines of Washington economic policy.

Executive Sweet
Using smart networking and a keen nose for the nuances of retail, Andrea Jung rises to the top of the world's biggest direct marketer of women's products.


Software Blackbelt Tae Yun Kim beat crushing odds to become taekwondo grand master and software CEO.

Silicon Sister
Pauline Lo-Alker heads up a company that was one of Silicon Valley's hottest tech IPOs.

Street Fighter
Lilia Clemente drew on her heritage and her fighting spirit to build a pioneering multi-billion-dollar Wall Street investment fund.

Mrs Megamotion
Rose Hwang built a tiny family-run computer store into a leader in remote surveillance technology.

Seams Come True
Hanae Mori has turned a sewing machine into a $4 billion fashion empire.

The Hustler

Onetime Playboy Bunny and wife of MCI's late founder Sue Ling Gin has made herself a powerhouse in Chicago business circles.

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