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     The driver Xu and his girlfriend, a Ms Su, rented a room from a Mr Shi Ming Yan and his wife Qiv Guo Lu. Some time in early March of 1995 Yan discovered that Xu had stolen money from his account by forging $5,000 worth of checks. Yan filed a complaint and Xu was arrested. Jin posted bail on March 14, 1995 and it was decided that Xu and Su would move out of Yan's house.
"If that gun had been loaded, Jin would be speaking in a higher pitched voice now."
     The next day, when Chu returned home after dropping off the Jin kids at school, Jin asked her to go with Su to help move out of the Yan house. Jin and Xu drove there in the other car. At the Yan home, Jin began moving things out of Xu's room. Among them was a pistol which Jin stuck into the front waistband of his trousers. Yan came home and confronted Jin about the money Xu had stolen from his account. An exchange of words led to a struggle. Yan grabbed the pistol, which was sticking in Jin's pants, and repeatedly pulled the trigger.
     "If that gun had been loaded, Jin would be speaking in a higher pitched voice now," says Jin's former defense lawyer Montie Reynolds. "Yan was bragging about that to one of Chinese newspapers."
     At this point Chu saw the struggle and helped Jin subdue Yan. In the process Yan suffered a gash on his head. Jin and Chu took Yan to a doctor in Rowland Heights who advised them to take Yan to a hospital or, at least, to keep him under close observation for the next 72 hours. Jin, Chu and Xu took Yan to Jin's home. Under Jin's orders Chu, unarmed, drove the van to Mrs Yan's workplace and brought her to the Jin home.
     The next day, Jin asked Chu, again unarmed, to drive Yan back to the doctor in Rowland Heights. The doctor later recalled that the head injury appeared to be the same one he had examined the evening before, with no signs of new injury. Afterward, an unarmed Chu drove the Yans back to the Jin house. Around this time a quarrel between Jin and Xu ended by Jin firing Xu who then left with Su.
     Acting on an anonymous tip--which some suspect may have come from Jin's former chauffeur Xu--sheriffs raided the Jin home. Yan told sheriffs that Jin and Xu had manhandled him and that Jin had pistol-whipped him and told him that he was an FBI agent and could do anything he wanted to Yan and his wife Lu. Chu told Yan that he wasn't the first or only person to be beaten by Jin and that she had seen Jin dispense far worse beatings, Yan recounted to sheriffs. Page 4

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The quiet 17900 block of Sunrise Drive in Rowland Heights where Jin, Lo, their three children lived with Jin's lover Ching Chu. When Jin, Lo and Chu were arrested on March 15, 1995, sheriffs found explosives, silencers, loaded shotguns and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pirated Encarta CD-ROMs in the house.


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