Prelude to N. Korean Crisis
Prelude to N. Korean Crisis

The Crimean Crisis Sets Dangerous Precedent for China's N. Korea Plans

Pyongyang Regime Rushes to Seize Initiative As Endgame Nears

Xi Jinping Readies China for Superpower Status

Kim Jong-un, Psy and Fat-Cheeked Korean Messiahs

Nazis, Comfort Women and Japan's Clumsy Bid for Testosterone

Opening Endgame
Opening Endgame

New Visa Program Can Revive America's Dying Cities

Asiana Suit vs. TV Station Shows New Corporate Sensitivity to US Racism

Jeremy Lin Portrayed Prematurely As Unwanted Discard

Chinese Fail to Live Up to Spying and Treachery Hype Yet Again

The Folly of Fearing China's Global Buying Spree

Slaying Dragons
Slaying Dragons

Why Shinzo Abe & Kim Jong-Un Are Going to Embrace

Cheap Delicious Cafés Spearhead Chinese Culinary Hegemony

How Jeremy Lin Lost His Mojo

When It Comes to Japan v Korea, Eating Is Believing

Pyongyang's Provocation a Boon for US Pivot to Asia

Messianic Koreans
Messianic Koreans

US Visa System Better at Attracting Brains Than Money

Gary Locke, Lesley Ma and the Asian Fuss Over Low-Key Celebs

Psy Can Help Park Geun-Hye Lead S. Korea to Next Level

Xi Pivots to Russia to Counter Obama's Pivot to Asia

Korematsu, Kim, Dorner and the Asian American Burden

Mock Testosterone
Mock Testosterone

The Next Korean War Is No Longer Unthinkable

Jeremy Lin Struggles for Linspiration in Limited Role

Tiger, Lance, Manti and the Great American Grovel

Declarations of Chinese Century Way Premature

Schmidt, A Show of Respect and Hope for Change in N. Korea

Visas for Detroit
Visas for Detroit

Psy Overtakes Jeremy Lin for Impact on Asian Image

Legalizing Drugs the Only Way to Prevent Sandy Hooks

Jeremy Lin Stars in NBA's Biggest Morality Play

What the Lakers' D'Antoni Pick Means for Jeremy Lin

Intra-Party Democracy Can Bring Real Reforms to China

Corporate Ethnicity
Corporate Ethnicity

Jeremy Lin May Struggle Under New Rockets Strategy

Obama Won a Race Charged with Racial Emotions

Hiphop, Gangnam Style and a Cultural Reboot

The Asian American Identity in the Jeremy Lin Era

Wang Lijun Affair Shows Value of US Presence Abroad

Premature Post Mortem
Premature Post Mortem

China's Window for Democratic Reforms Narrowed

Jeremy Lin's Dark Night and Inevitable Dawn

Under-Recognized Asian American Consumers Power Linsanity

Is Jeremy Lin Pimping Dates for Asian Guys?

Jeremy Lin Goes from Forrest Gump to the Truman Show

Hostage to Stereotypes
Hostage to Stereotypes

Xi Signals Better Times to Come for US-China Relations

Animal Parents and the Quest for Simple Solutions

The Making of the Jeremy Lin Show

Handling Incidents of Suspected Racial Bigotry

Last Best Opportunity for Empowering the UN

Yuan Phobia
Yuan Phobia

Service Conscience Remains Final Hurdle to Stable China

New Year's Weight Resolution to End All Resolutions

A Christmas Gift for North Korea

Tyrants, Demagogues and the Psychology of Insecurity

In Defense of Big, Well-Funded Governments

Opportunistic Alliance
Opportunistic Alliance

One-Day Journey from Ravaged to Recharged

Finding Hope in the Small Stories of Human Progress

The Dangerous Illusion of Internet Democracy

Darwin Base Can Start US toward Another Cold War

Obama's Reelection Prospects and the First Pacific Presidency

Café Culture
Café Culture

Some Helpful Tips for K-Pop Producers

Some Perspective for Mayor Jean Quan

China Undermines Own Soft Power Push

Blaming Technology for Job Losses

The Rise of China's Workers Change Worldviews

The Road Back
The Road Back

Putting Tolerance Above Math and Science Skills

Occupy Wall Street Presents China with Mao Moment

Raj Rajaratnam, Amy Chua and Enjoying Our Freedom

Perpetuating Bi-Lingual Asian Americans

Third-Order Information Produces Modern Superstitions

Producer v Consumer
Producer v Consumer

Mourning the Death of Another Summer

Cal Bake Sale Exposes Dated GOP Thinking

Defining America's Next Great Role

China Holds Key to Global Financial Crisis

Using Real Asian Snacks to Lose Weight

THAAD on Guam
THAAD on Guam

Jobless Data Hides Great Divide in Digital Economy

9/11 Shows Need for More Social Intelligence

Confusion Befuddles American Voters

Going from Fat Superpower to Fit Superpower

Noda Win Dims Hope for Japan Revival

Losers Redefine Nerds and Geeks

U.S. Roads Abound with Metaphors for Life

China's Next Leader Offers Hope for Future

Internet Replaces Democracy As Political Force

Threat from America's Economic Fundamentalists

Secure Style
Secure Style

Standing Up As an Asian American

Asia Emerges As the New West for Ambitious Americans

A Mechanism to Break Federal Budget Deadlocks

Rice Color, Skin Color and the New Cultural Color Code

China's Rising Testosterone Level and Its New Voice

Gangnam Quest
Gangnam Quest

What U.S.-China Military Ties Mean for the World

Exploiting the Short Memories of American Voters

Finding Our Own Personal Independence Day

Tragedy of the Fanatical Preference for Sons

Putting Aymmetric Warfare Back on Our Side

Pivot to Russia
Pivot to Russia

Asian Americans Star in Wall Street Morality Play

Finding the Right Perspective on the World's Prospects

Separating Racial Prejudice from Preference

K-Pop, Exam Hell and the Korean Disease

Japanese Democracy A Stasis Machine

Asian American Burden
Asian American Burden

The Big Winner in the Accelerating Renewables Race

Kan's Pledge Can Kickstart True Green Revolution

Some Asian American Style Imperatives

The Big and Small of Ken Jeong

Asian Americans Over-Crowd the Beaten Paths

A Test Too Far
A Test Too Far

The Subtle Success of U.S.-China Talks

Surviving Parents Who Suppress Identity Issues

Osama, Obama and the Rebirth of the American Self-Image

What Asian Pacific Heritage Month Means for America

Boba, Buns and Confessions of the Skinny Asian Foodie