Victoria Chu Pao

Platts is to decisionmakers of the world’s energy industry what Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal is to stock investors. It publishes news and price benchmarks covering oil, natural gas, nuclear power, coal, carbon emissions and a myriad other energy and metals sectors.

As Platts’s president Victoria Chu Pao heads up a global staff of 600 scattered over 17 countries covering activity in 150 countries. Since being appointed in 2005 Chu has worked to enhance Platts visibility in key markets like China, Russia, India and the Middle East as well as to expand its coverage to new markets like steel, carbon emissions and LNG.

Her current position is an extension of her stellar career at McGraw-Hill which began in 1997 when she joined its management development program. After a series of increasingly important positions, she was promoted to president of marketing and business development at McGrew-Hill’s construction division before being appointed to head up Platts.

Pao graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in Economics and East Asian Studies, then earned an MBA in Marketing and Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business. She was recognized with McGraw Hill’s 2004 Corporate Excellence in Leadership Award. She also won a Corporate Leadership Award from Asian Women in Business in 2006.