Chinese Fail to Live Up to Spying and Treachery Hype Yet Again

Last month’s industrial espionage case filed against three Chinese NYU Med Center researchers only underscores what I’ve been suspecting for some time — as a group we Asians are seriously lacking in the capacity for top-drawer acts of disloyalty, betrayal and treachery.

Even with hundreds of thousands of us working in fields like biotech, semiconductors, aerospace, nuclear energy, defense, IT and finance. we simply haven’t shown that we’re capable of committing the kinds of treacherous and venal acts that have been so generously imputed to us over the years. Imagine the deepening disappointment of the army of journalists and rightwingers who have been earnestly waiting for the kinds of stories that would prove once and for all that we’re worthy of our image as people prone to heinous acts of disloyalty to our country, or at least to our employers.

What do we have to show for all their faith? A pitiful case in which someone offered technical insights about work he’s doing at NYU Langone Medical Center to people linked to a Chinese company with ties to the Chinese government.

Despite the level best efforts of eagle-eyed US Attorney Preet Bharara to work up the facts into another headline case that Barack Obama can use to badger Xi Jinping about intellectual property protection during their summit this weekend, the best Bharara could come up with was a bribery charge for having failed to reveal that they were on the payrolls of Chinese companies with whom they discussed their NYU work in the medical technology of magnetic resonance imaging.

If they had at least managed to steal and sell a bona fide trade secret or two, Bharara could have slapped them with economic espionage charges. The worst that could be said about this trio? That they discussed “nonpublic information” about their work. Not exactly sexy reading.

Yet another huge disappointment in a line of cases that have the right atmospherics — Chinese talking to Chinese about American technology — but simply fail to live up to the hype about our limitless capacity for treachery. Once again we’ve fallen short of the kind of diabolical cunning that could spice up newspapers or justify breathless TV breaking-news feeds.

Of course the biggest disappointment in recent memory is Dr Wen Ho Lee. The guy was a nuclear scientist at Los Alamos National Labs and the best he could do to live up to American expectations was copy some semi-classified files onto his laptop. Never tried to send them to China. Never tried to sell them to an agent. Even refused a Chinese agent’s request for data while they were engaged in a tête-à-tête inside a hotel room.

Despite all of Lee’s work with classified data, and despite the best efforts of the FBI to set him up, the lamer only managed to snag a single count of “improper handling of restricted data”. All those poor news organizations that had been salivating at the atmospherics — nuclear energy, Chinese scientist, classified data — ended up having to publish retractions about their innuendos and chip in for the $1.6-million settlement paid to Lee. Disappointing all around, especially after Lee spent nine months in solitary and got everyone worked up over the possibility of the first ever case of an Asian American betraying his adoptive country to help the homies back on the other side of the Pacific.

And of course those Japanese Americans never amounted to much in the treachery department either. Not a single act of sabotage or espionage or even cooperation with the enemy during World War II after the US government went through the trouble of sending 120,000 of them to rural retreats, presumably to protect them from white people who were out to harm them for their sneaky treachery in tracing their roots to a land that would later bomb Pearl Harbor.

It’s gotten so I’m beginning to wonder if we Asians are worthy of our vaunted reputation for cunning, deceit and treachery.



Cleo · Jun 7, 10:37 AM · #

What are you talking about? Those 110,000 Japanese Americans known for being pro-Japan were targeted BECAUSE Nisei betrayed their Hawaiian American neighbors on the Island of Nihau at the behest of a Japanese solider – that’s ALL It took? REALLY? Just a few words in Japanese about how they should join Hirohito’s cause – and what? You’ll get to stop wondering if you should open a Chinese restaurant in Cali and actually BE Chinese – even in America – oh, yeah, what geniuses – TWO generations in America and you really think siding with Japan is a great idea. They carried none of the ground kissing relief and gratitude and wonder of being given American citizenship – maybe because unlike China, they weren’t constantly hit with droughts, famine, floods and of course, invading foreigners from Europe and Japan.

google Nihau and while you’re ON IT, google the fact that the Japanese operatives assimilated on the West Coast and Hawaii and PAID German families to do the same so that they could successfully spy on the comings and goings around Pearl Harbor INCLUDING opening up beauty salons where the spy wives could befriend the military wives and learn more than their husbands could pretending to be barbers, shoe shiners, FELLOW Americans and all around model citizens.

They were spying for MULTIPLE generations in China and Asean – look it up – the GERMANS have never given up on destroying EVERY one else in Europe who seems to have a better life then they do – what’s worse is that they can change their surnmaes to prettier ones and move somewhere as a stranger and pretend with their EXPERT fake accents – Cajun country, anyone?

Do those people resemble the Dying Gaulle to you?

They’re not pretty enough.

Sookie Stackhouse – looks like Sandrine Bonnaire – what a COINCIDENCE that the latter was cast as the THIEF who stole a Catherine Flot’s child in “Angel of Mine” – watch how she well she feigns ignorance and innocence until finally cornered and then she turns around SO deftly. No wonder the French are in a bad mood.

It’s called the Belle Epoque – what ended it?

If they’re REALLY so French, so originally the English – why isn’t Germany showing that source material in their own culture?

Why are there so many 7-Elevens in Hong Kong and Macau and they all offer FREE bill paying with your Octopus card?

Cleo · Jun 7, 10:49 AM · #

When they’re PUNISHING American teenagers in the South Pacific by mutilating them and castrating them and and putting them on display for STOPPING Japan from their ongoing mass rape and murder rampage – tell me then that sticking our heads in the sand is the right choice – because those ugly Matrix movies are just the musings of transvestite brothers in love.

It’s all good – because obviously, we have NEVER shown any outrage for pedophile rape and murders postwar – because nothing has come close to what Germany and Japan have done separately nevermind in tandem.

Let’s make friends with the Walking Dead so we can have someone to play video games with – on our Playstation consoles of course because who doesn’t trust the HONORABLE Japanese with our credit card information.

They’re AWESOME. Whenever I see Abe’s rotface on the news, I wanna kiss it! Cuz that’s just the kind of comfort woman PROSTITUTE that I am.

And while I’m at it, I think I’ll sign up for T-Mobile because it’s nothing but wonderful that Germany has feigned divestment and entered the Balkans and now Poland.

Awesome, let’s NOT make bullying kill itself – because a Bad Romance slave auction would be sooo much fun. I can tell that Korean parents pay for all that after school tutoring just so their perfect daughters can DATE Japanese turds in rapid succession – one every five minutes, right?

If they didn’t pay for it, how can they have legitimately HIRED their rape victims?

Were the Jews in the concentration camps gladly exchanging sexual favors and “medical” experimentation for free room and board?

Neither Japan nor Germany paid FAIR MARKET value for anything they did – WHERE are Poland’s bank deposits? What happened to all that Jewish real estate? They NEVER made up for it – they never returned what they stole and now their BOTH claiming that Ryukyu is legitimate Japanese territory – wow, that must make Japan feel so good to have a whitey on the team – what does Germany get out of it other than access?

Because Japan should take note that Weeping Angel Germany NEVER advised Japan to tone it down and stop making the Allies watch what Japan was doing in China yet Germany made a point of locating the camps off-site as it were, taking the communities into the Bavarian forests to shoot them all and leave them for the animals – that’s why Nigella Lawson makes a Christmas cake with little trees she makes a point of calling a “Bavarian forest” and why she turns to the camera and says, “I have no soul.”

The Germans are really good at hiding and pretending and they LET their soulmate expose themselves even to THIS day. That’s very interesting. Someone should shine a light on the Germans. It’s past due.

Cleo · Jun 7, 11:21 AM · #

Remember when Japanese spies were all over Portugal and Spain during WW2 and before?

(google it!)

Remember when Eli Roth had to have this guy make a cameo in Hostel:

Cleo · Jun 7, 11:24 AM · #

Ever notice how the Dutch are totally silencio about the families as in the women and children DYING in Japanese POW camps during the war?

bizarre, nu?

flybynite · Jun 7, 11:30 AM · #

Wow, you’re quite a hater, Cleo.

It doesn’t matter who they are, but if they have a drop of Japanese blood, you’re ready to hate them all equally.

That elderly couple on Nihau did nothing to betray the US, only to try to keep themselves from possibly being murdered by the Japanese soldiers.

Stop trying to sensationalize everything and anything that has the potential to cast a negative light on people of Japanese ancestry.

You’re just as bad as any racist, and I think you should be banned for blanketing every single article with your rambling anti-Japanese comments.

Sinopuppy · Jun 7, 02:24 PM · #

All the prevalant loud publicity directed against China regarding spying and cyberwarfare is a pretext for eventual war between U.S.A and it’s Asian allies puppets against China.

The different nations of Asia do not have cultural similarities, nor any mutual affection and do not have inherently shared interests.

They’re intent is to stop the rise of China and team up with U.S.A to combat China in the future war.

China is developing and will apply technology to confront the United States and it’s puppet Asian client states.

Cleo · Jun 7, 03:34 PM · #

google Nihau for yourself don’t let someone save you the trouble by telling you lies – GOOGLE it!

Think about it – the Chinese empire is really about being INVITED to share technology with neighbors like Ryukyu unlike how Japan TAKES without compensating or invitation.

Sinopuppy · Jun 7, 04:33 PM · #

War is inevitable.

It’s just a matter of time.

Cleo · Jun 7, 04:34 PM · #

LONG before the murders of Hawaiians on Nihau, the Americans sent NONJapanese Hawaiians, Chinese and a Korean to man the South Pacific islands that would later be bombed by the Japanese to remove the Americans from their vigil – why didn’t the Americans use any Japanese Americans if there’s NOTHING wrong with being merely Japanese?

NO one has hunted the Germans and Japanese for their ONE DROP of offensive blood the way the Jews were hunted, the way the Chinese were singled out whenever the Japanese took an Asean country and picked out the local murders.

There’s no Holocaust earmarked against the Germans and Japanese but I want to know why is it not okay for anybody else on this planet to do what they did but as long as they complain and bitch about being discriminated against, we’re not even allowed to say ANYTHING about them?

Because they’ll resort with terrorism.

Sinopuppy · Jun 10, 10:47 PM · #

U.S.A Francis Archibald must be pissed that the Chinese turned out to be innocent and scapegoating Chinese people is the convient route to blaming other people for America’s problems. Blaming Chinese has always be the easy answer to a country’s problems.

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