Psy's Next Album Fueled by Soju

When Psy’s next album is released, possibly in September, it will have been fueled largely by Korean potato liquor.

“If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking,” he told Britain’s Sunday Times. “If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny, I’m drinking. If it’s hot, I’m drinking, if it’s cold, I’m drinking.”

His only break from liquor is “when I’m hung over,” he said.

His drink of choice is soju, a distilled liquor made mostly from sweet potatoes, but he indulges in whatever is on hand — “whisky, vodka, tequila, whatever.” He says he drinks all day and all night and that soju is his “best friend” and his “vice partner”. Psy has also appeared in ads for Jinro Soju, Korea’s top liquor brand.

He’s been at work on his next album in his new condo in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, according to his agent. He hopes to release the album in September.

“Already done with three songs and they are kinda nice,” he tweeted Tuesday.

Regardless of the reception awaiting his next album, Psy has already secured several distinctions — the most popular video of all time, with 1.7 billion views of “Gangnam Style” released in July of 2012, and the fastest video to reach 100 million views with “Gentleman”, released in April. So far the latter has logged well over 500 million views though it lacks the momentum to catch up with its predecessor.

Psy, aka Park Jae-sang, is generally considered the first Asian pop artist to attain superstar status around the world.