Jeremy Lin Destined for Los Angeles in Latest NBA Trade Rumors

Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers or the Clippers, according to the latest NBA trade rumors based mainly on Houston’s expressed determination to land Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

The logic seems airtight to basketball pundit. The Rockets have been hankering after telegenic bruiser Dwight Howard to fortify their presence under the basket while deprecating Lin’s role as the primary ball-handler. Presumably he would be delighted at the chance to reprise Linsanity in the nation’s biggest Asian market under Mike D’Antoni, the coach who ignited the phenom by putting the ball into his hands.

Howard has been signaling a desire to leave the Lakers where he’s been surprisingly listless for most of the past season. Eight-year veteran and All-Star MVP Paul has been expressing disenchantment with the Clippers after the team collapsed in the first round of the playoffs and cut loose coach Vinny Del Negro while laying the decision at Paul’s feet. And the 6-foot mighty mite is said to have sealed a blood oath with Howard to play together after they both become free agents on July 1.

The easiest path toward fulfilling the rumor-prophecy-wishful thinking would be for the Lakers to sign Howard with the promise to trade him to the Lakers and acquire Paul. The Rockets — who have ample cap space under the draconian new luxury tax rules to sign Howard outright — are said to be willing to offer the Lakers the package of Lin and Turkish center Omer Asik for Howard. Under the circumstances, the Lakers would be foolish to reject a deal that would ensure a proven duo and a potential new box-office star to replace Kobe Bryant who has declared his intention to retire after the upcoming season.

The Lakers’ only hesitation seems to be concern about being hit with a huge luxury tax for signing Howard even if only to trade him. But that would be a small price to pay if Lin and D’Antoni can reignite the kind of chemistry that reversed the Knick’s fortunes overnight — something of which the Lakers are badly in need.

If the Lakers should foolishly pass on the opportunity, the Clippers have the motivation decide to gamble on the Lin-Asik duo in light of Paul’s apparent decision to leave. There’s even a significant probability that D’Antoni may move across town given rumors of disenchantment on the part of at least a faction of the Lakers ownership.

Either way, the next NBA season promises to bring a much-needed opportunity for Lin to make a fresh start in a town that will appreciate his presence far more than Houston has.



Cleo · Jun 23, 05:31 PM · #

he’s like a traveling vaudeville act visiting every town with a large enough Chinese community

Intrepid · Jun 24, 09:38 AM · #

@ Cleo

It’s just a coincidence. Most NBA teams are in large cities, so the chances of those places having a decent sized Chinese population aren’t bad.

Sinopuppy · Jun 25, 04:08 PM · #

You guys should read ESPN interview Lin gave.

He described traveling across America.

The Whites & Blacks ALL threw racist F@Bombs

at Lin. When he entered the NBA he received alot

of racist insults from NBA players.

Whose kidding who. ONLY fellow Chinese

supported Lin as a player. In the NYT comments

section they were not exactly supporting Lin

with offhand insults and when he left NYC the

comments were majority wise extremely insulting

So it’s fellow Chinese people who supported

J. Lin as a athlete. Worldwide.

Not too different from Yao Ming experience.

1941yr there was a Chinese man who was 6’1

name Steve Soong who was also a point guard

who was murdered in Portland Oregon while

attending Univ of Washington. He was called up

in the draft for WW2 and was refused Officer rank.

America was and is racist towards Chinese men !

Sinopuppy · Jun 26, 12:39 PM · #

L.A gonna offer extention to contract



LC · Jun 26, 05:41 PM · #

With Doc Rivers going to LAC, Chris Paul will most likely stay with his team. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense for the Lakers to take on Lin’s salary when they should be clearing space for the free agent bonanza of 2014. Lin won’t make the Lakers that much better in the next season, and it may actually be in their interest to tank a little to get a high draft pick.

Lin is staying in Houston.

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