Young Chinese, Indians Most Optimistic About Future

Young people in China and India see brighter prospects for their future than do those of any other nation or region, according to a survey by the Financial Times and Spain’s Telefonica.

China had the highest percentage predicting a bright future for the nation’s economy at 93%, followed by India at 81%, according to the telephone survey conducted in January and February of 12,171 people aged 18 to 30 in 27 nations. S. Koreans were also among the most optimistic, with 77% expressing high hopes. By region, Latin America led in optimism at 80%, followed by Asia at 66%.

Optimism about the future correlates with the percentage of young people who expect to have a chance to become an entrepreneur. In China the figure is 67%, compared with 56% in S. Korea and 48% in Japan.

The most pessimistic youth were in Japan where 81% predicted a negative outlook for their economy. Those pessimistic about the economy made up 47% of respondents in N. America and 41% in Western Europe.

China is seen as the strongest driving force for the global economy in the next decade by 58% of all respondents while only 31% say the same about the US.

Surprisingly, young Chinese have the most positive regard for their government, with only 30% believing that it doesn’t represent their own values and beliefs. The percentages were 75% in Japan and 67% in S. Korea. Young Europeans were the most critical about their governments, with 90% of Italians and 80% of Czechs expressing disapproval.

Despite the apparently wholehearted adoption of technology by young people, they have ambivalent attitudes toward it. While over 80% of respondents agreed that it’s a vital tool in finding a job, 62% believe it has widened the wealth gap. However, 36% also believe it’s the key to individual success.



Cleo · Jun 7, 10:54 AM · #

because those private universe cultures don’t hate other people for being better off – they just think that they can have that for themselves eventually if they work hard enough – it’s not like the Germans and Japanese who HATE Italy and China respectively for daring to build great cities when at the same time, the ORcs and the Murlocs were naked and doing god knows what. Alexander the Great is recorded as describing the Germans as being naked and jumping down from their trees – is THAT why the trees are malevolent in EVIL DEAD?

I know the Irish REALLY appreciate the Germans trying to cross contaminate them to pick up the coveted prettierness and charm but Hitler had NO Problem having redheads on the original hitlist.

Jioe · Nov 7, 03:13 AM · #

Taiwanese are also very optimistic.

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