Jeju Island Sex Park Scrutinized by Authorities

The degree to which S. Korea has become Asia’s most sexually liberated society can be seen in an erotic theme park for adults that opened on May 21 on the southern resort island of Jeju.

The 3,000 square meter (32,290 sq-ft) Secret Theme Park, a five-minute drive from downtown Jeju, features a nude art gallery, a sex culture exhibition hall, an outdoor sculpture garden, an animal farm and performance stages. The park is closed to minors.

The topiary sculpture garden features shrubbery in the shape of genitals and of animals like bears and monkeys engaging in sex. The gallery has large nude paintings by Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artists.

“We are currently investigating whether the erotic sculptures at the park and videos it shows constitute a breach of the obscenity laws,” said an officer from the island’s Seobu Police Station.

“Pending the review from the censors, we have stopped playing our 3D videos for adults,” said a park spokesman. “Our nude performance is not obscene but art,” he added.

“There shouldn’t be any problem as long as we operate within the legal boundaries as an amusement park for adults,” he said.

The Secret Theme Park isn’t the only racy establishment on Jeju. It also has Jeju Loveland, a facilities whose entrance is a nude woman’s parted legs. Jeju has become a favorite honeymoon resort and a number of hotels and other facilities offer entertainment racy entertainment for couples who need a little help getting into the mood for sex.