Power Makeup for Asian Women Executives

Looking great in the executive suite isn’t the same thing as looking like a runway model. It’s much trickier — either too much or too little can send the wrong message. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts to help you walk that fine line between exquisite and excessive.

DO maintain a rigorous skin regimen. Great skin is a prerequisite to any power makeup.

DO use sheer foundation to get that flawless look, but the single most important goal is achieving consistently even coverage, especially for the area around the eyes.

DO use concealer to add radiance to your face. While foundation creates an even canvas, concealer adds three dimensionality. And strategic blending of the concealer can enliven your whole face.

DO use transparent powder. This helps yield a naturally flawless face.

DO stay with your natural lip line. It’s that simple. Any other adjustment signals that you’re more interested in your appearance than your work. Pay careful attention to color selection and clean lip lines. Colors depend largely on the occasion and your occupation. Generally, stay with deeper reds and burgundies for times that demand assertiveness, and leave the stains that are the current rage for casual days. Just remember to check frequently throughout the day if you wear intense shades. While pinks may spell lightweight, a shade that’s too deep can also leave an unpleasant impression. Don’t be afraid to mix shades to get just the right coloring for you. Finally, always make sure the outer corners of your mouth stay crisply clean.

DON’T over-pluck your eyebrows. Brow shape is a part of your facial personality. Pluck only tiny loose strands without straying from your natural brow shape. If you must re-shape your brows, consult a professional.

DON’T stay with one eyeshadow color. It is the layering of colors with proper blending that gives a minimally made up natural look. Often, applying a single shade can make the eyes look too strongly made up. Try a brown base followed by careful layering of oranges and wines. Of course, when in doubt, always resort to browns, browns and browns.

DON’T use darker shades all over the eyelid if you have double eyelids. If you are single-lidded, darker areas around the eye socket will do the trick but for creased lids, make the outside of crease lines darker.

DON’T overdo mascara and do use eyeliner. Too much mascara attracts dirt throughout the day, leaving you with a 5 o’clock gob on your lashes. And liquid eyeliners add crisp lushness to your lashes. If you are unsure about application, apply a line with an eye pencil before tracing the line with liquid eyeliner. Just be sure to fill in between lashlines. If you have smaller eyes, skip the liner under the eyes or add undereye lines only toward the outer edges.

DON’T follow trends too avidly. An executive doesn’t have the time for that. Leave room for individuality.