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4. Account Management

Keeping a client happy through constant communication and handholding is one function that can never be outsourced. If you are familiar with industry standards and practices and know how to manage feelings and egoes, you are suited for a career in account management. Experienced account executives are often the most sought-after and highly-paid members of their industries.

5. Product Development/Quality Assurance

The process of figuring out what sort of product is in demand and making sure that it is developed to satisfy consumer tastes is too intensively linked with the local culture to be left to overseas workers.

6. Healthcare

The race is on to create cost-competitive healthcare organizations that can capitalize on the anticipated rise in demand as the remaining third of the American population becomes insured. This industry reshaping involves mergers and vigorous cost-cutting through more efficient allocations of healthcare resources and tighter record-keeping. Because health care services are by their nature local and fluid, every bit of the growth will result in jobs for American workers.

7. Application Service Providers

Application service providers (ASPs) offer cost-savings by making large selections of software available for sharing among large numbers of users. The demand for ASPs will enjoy rapid growth as more businesses come to trust the concept of a broadband, always-on internet. That will translate into demand for IT professionals in product development, quality assurance, professional services and customer service. Prev

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