Indong Oh

Profession: Surgeon
Birthplace: Korea
Position: Orthopedic Surgeon/Inventor of Orthpedic Devices

Indong Oh came to the United States from Corea in 1970 with his wife Kyungja. He completed his post-graduate surgical internship training at Harvard Medical School where he eventually became a professor in orthopedic surgery. He was also a resident at Massachusets General Hospital in Boston. Diligent and intensive practice with dogs during his residency led him to invent several major improvements in the existing art of joint-replacement devices. He has obtained 11 patents and designed 3 major total hip replacement prosthesis systems and attendant surgical instruments. The royalties from these devices assure him a seven-figure income even if he were to stop performing operations. But he has no interest in leading a life of leisure.

He keeps up a hectic private practice in which he specializes in hip and knee replacement surgery for patients suffering from disabling arthritis. He has published over 100 scientific articles and won several prestigious research awards including the John Charnley Award of the Hip Society.

In addition to several demanding operations each day, he has made 400 presentations and lectures for orthopedic surgeons nationwide. He has also produced numerous videotapes of his surgical techniques.

“I consider myself as one of the major contributors to the design of artificial hip prosthesis and instruments,” says Oh.

“One needs to find or settle into an area of interest and immerse one’s self totally in that subject,” he advises. “One should should try to reach a level where one has confidence and pride that in that one small field, ‘I am the best.’”

In his spare time, Dr. Oh enjoys reading literary works and watching historical videos and documentaries. He also enjoys tennis, skiing and traveling with his family. He and his family live in a magnificent and historic Pasadena mansion that has been designated a historic monument.