Guy Kawasaki

Profession: Business Writer/Corporate Consultant
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Position: Apple Fellow, Apple Computers; Columnist, MacWorld

Guy Kawasaki has played a significant leadership role in what he calls the evangelism of Apple’s Macintosh computer and its software. Kawasaki was one of the key individuals responsible for the successful introduction of the original Macintosh back in 1984 by gaining developer acceptance to the early, vague machine. Now he’s back at it again, playing a pivotal role to ensure that Macintosh hurdles over its downturn.

“If you liken Apple Computers to a country, it would be like Israel, and I am in charge of the Mossad,” Kawasaki said in a recent interview. A good share of Apple’s success can be attributed to Kawasaki’s charisma, and there’s not a developer who denies it. Since establishing the Mac among developers, Kawasaki has gone on to found Fog City Software, the creator of Claris Emailer. He’s also penned several books, including How to Drive Your Competition Crazy and The Macintosh Way. Kawasaki, 41, was born in Honolulu and currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children.