Gin Wong

Profession: Architecture
Birthplace: Guangzhou, China
Position: President, Gin Wong Associates

Gin Wong has left his signature all over the world. Wide open spaces, two-story high glass windows and full functionality are the trademark of this master architect. If you’ve flown into Los Angeles International Airport, driven by the ARCO Center in downtown L.A., hung out in the Pan Pacific Plaza in Honolulu, shopped at the Costa Mesa I. Magnin or spent the night at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons then you’ve admired Wong’s design.

Wong’s interest in architecture began during WWII while dropping bombs from a B-29 over Japan. A flying buddy kept him fascinated with stories of his architect father. When he graduated USC’s School of Architecture in 1950, Wong was awarded the school’s first Producer’s Design Award. Now the walls of his office are lined with awards from the American Institute of Architects. Currently, Wong is developing “new cities” in Fuging, Fuzhou and his birthplace Guangzhou, China. Wong will be creating, in effect, a complete, sustainable city geared to accomodate a population growth of a hundred thousand or more.