Abhi Y Talwalkar

Profession: Senior Corporate Executive
Birthplace: Pune, India
Position: Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Platforms Group, Intel

Chances are pretty good that one of Intel’s chips are in your computer. About four fifths of all new PCs contain their Pentium and Celeron microprocessors. Talwalkar heads the Enterprise Platforms Group which is responsible for the building blocks of Enterprise computing. The job includes the design of processors, chipsets and platforms for work stations and servers.

Before coming to Intel, Talwalkar worked at Sequent Computer Systems (which later was merged into IBM), Bipolar Integrated Technology Incorporated and Lattice Semiconductor Inc. He joined Intel in 1993 and rose up through the ranks as General Manager of the Enterprise Platform and Services Division, to Vice President Enterprise Platforms Group and General Manager, Platform Products Group.

Talwalkar was born in Pune, India in 1965. In 1985 he recieved his bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Oregon State University.