Meredith Momoda

Profession: Senior Corporate Executive
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Position: VP of Integrated Marketing for ABC/Disney

Remember the 8 Simple Rules episode with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter? You might remember that the characters were text-messaging using Verizon cellphones. Credit Meredith Momoda. As the ABC vice president heading up the integrated marketing department, Momoda helps boost the network’s ad revenues by placing products into everything from sitcoms to reality shows like The Bachelor.

“I work with sales, programming, advertisers, ad agencies, legal and business affairs, broadcast standards and show producers in my efforts to create and negotiate integrated deals,” says Momoda. “A typical day at the office entails countless phone calls, meetings and e-mails. This job requires outstanding communication skills. Right now, I probably receive 300 e-mails in a day.”

Momoda is a nine year veteran at Disney, ABC’s corporate parent. She started as a manager of its Buena Vista Television subsidiary. Eight months later, she was promoted to director. She was only 31 when she was promoted to VP. Three years later she was sent to help launch ABC’s integrated marketing unit. She attributes much of her current success there to sales skills acquired while working in pharamceutical sales after graduating from Northwestern University with a chemistry degree. It wasn’t until attending some trade shows and becoming impressed by the presentations made by various marketing teams, that Momoda made the switch to marketing and advertising.

She began by studying marketing at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business where she was student body president. The MBA landed her a job at Taco Bell. Her first project was managing the company’s response to the lettuce shortage resulting from the whitefly infestation. Momoda was tasked with finding the best cabbage-lettuce blend in case the situation worsened. From testing, developing and launching new products, she moved on to promotions where she got her first taste of movie and video retail promotion. The experience prompted her move to the entertainment industry.

Momoda is a few months from making another, albeit temporary, career move: becoming a first-time mom. In preparation, she’s making the most of her free time.

“There is nothing like shopping, going out to great restaurants and seeing movies to relax and enjoy life,” she says. “I am also committed to Pilates and weight training several times a week.”