Robert Wu

Profession: Medical Specialist
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Position: Medical Specialist in Otalaryngology, Los Angeles

Robert Wu began his medical career with sterling credentials, having graduated from Stanford University in 1986 and cum laude from the Yale University School of Medicine in 1990. He has since established a thriving practice specializing in otolaryngology (head, neck, and throat).

But Wu will be the first to tell you that the most exciting time he has ever had was during the years he spent coaching Stanford’s womens’ varsity water polo team. “It was definitely the most fun I ever had in a job,” he reminisces. What adds a warm glow to the memories is that his 1986 team actually took second in the NCAA national finals. “We were so close to winning the whole thing,” says Wu.

Wu gives his parents’ drive and foresight full credit for his achievements. “My mother was a chemist and my father taught me math at an early age, so I felt I had an advantage over other kids.”

Wu is single and in his spare time enjoys swimming, surfing and scuba diving. He offers the following advice for success: “Keep your life balanced. People should work hard, but also take the time to play and relax.”