Don Kim

Profession: Surgeon
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Position: Head Surgeon/Owner of Pacific Foot & Ankle Medical Centers

Don Kim owns the two Pacific Foot & Ankle Medical Centers and is a partner in the Health Alliance Medical Group, a multi-specialty practice. The three practices produce well over $1.2 million a year, of which Kim takes home about 60-70%. You’d think working nearly 70 hours a week to ensure the success of these practices would exhaust him, but the self-described people-person lives the single life to the fullest. He works out four times a week, goes out with friends once or twice a week, swims, rollerblades, plays golf, and makes a point of taking a short vacation every month and a long trip once or twice a year.

But that kind of varied lifestyle befits a man who’s had a wonderfully varied life. Born in Corea, the young Kim relocated to Guam in 1979 with his father, who had worked for the U.S. government during the Vietnam War. He graduated from high school there before moving to Indiana to attend the University of Notre Dame. He has fond memories of the summer he returned to Guam to teach Geometry at his old high school. During his full term at college, he taught martial arts. He holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Kendo and Kung Fu. And he once worked as a personal weight trainer at a health club.