Bahl Fantasy Hats Spice Up India Couture Week

Designer Varun Bahl explored the dreamlike possibilities of fantasy hats on Day 3 of HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai. Peacock feathers, bamboo sticks and Japanese fans and flowers were used to create fantasy images that blended motifs from Indian and Japanese traditional clothing.

Bahl combined rich traditional shades like gold and indigo with vivid jewel tones to stretch the palette for his dresses as well as his headgear.

“The collection is a blend of Indo-Japanese influences,” Bahl said. “It is all about Indian bridal wears meeting Japanese traditional clothes.”

He added to the other-worldly feel of his presentations by placing a bamboo roof in the background. Bahi broke with many of his fellow designers by refusing to use Bollywood stars to model his creations, saying that stars stole the attention from the clothes.